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Because quality should always be valued over quantity.

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Thoughtful Discussion About Good Television

Keytus Television is a community dedicated to thoughtful discussion of quality television programs. New viewers are always welcome.

Rules of the Road

• PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS!! There’s a big difference between having a respectful disagreement and outright belligerence, as 99.44% of you know. For the .56% percent who don’t, this isn’t the place for you. Being the loudest one in the room, won’t get you nearly as far as being the one with the most thoughtful, introspective observations.

• Track the changes of any of the shows that you are watching/following. In this age of streaming sites and DVDs, we all won’t be watching the same show at the same time. It might be days/weeks/months/years(!) in between when you last posted and someone else responds to something you said.

• Keep the conversation centered on scripted television related topics. Dramas, comedies, reality tv, even documentaries are all fine. Movies, sporting events, rock concerts, not so much.

• The topic for the weekly threads is merely a suggestion. Feel free to talk about a show that has nothing to do with the weekly topic!

• For the sake of your mods sanity, please put the show and season (or episode) in the subject line of your comments. It makes it easier when we go back and tag the threads.

• One show (or episode) per post and only one sub-thread for each show (or episode). It makes it easier for others to follow the conversation.

• The Mods are your friends. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or requests.

• Pardon our dust. This is a new thing we’re trying out here. While we have tried to anticipate this community’s needs, rules will be modified as we find out what works and what doesn't. Please bear with us.


*What’s a “Keytus”?*

A long time ago, a bunch of us met on a Josh/Donna subthread over at the TWoP West Wing boards. We became friends. In honor of how we all met, we started calling ourselves “Keytus Kids” after the thread title “Keytus Interruptus”. (You probably don’t want to know.) Even though West Wing is long over and most of us don’t visit the TWoP boards anymore, we still have a lot of TV shows in common and wanted a place to discuss them all. So when it became time to name the community, there was really only one name we Mods (all of us Keytus Kids from way back) could think of.

*Do I have to be a Keytus Kid to join this community?*

No! Definitely not!!! We welcome viewers from all areas and fandoms! In fact, we outright encourage it! The more voices there are, the more exciting the conversation will be. However, if in the course of discussing “Shoe Money Tonight”, you realize that amycurl is pretty cool ('cause she is!) and you’d like to get to know her better, there’s an app a community for that: keytuskids.

*Can I talk about a show I'm currently watching/rewatching/discovering for the first time, even though it's not in response to this week's question?*

Of course! The topics are merely suggestions to get the conversation going.

*Can I go back and comment on an old thread?*

Sure. Most us are already tracking the thread (we hope!) and therefore should see your response. (And you can always let us know in the current thread, just to be sure.)

*Some shows have discussion threads for every episode, separate from the weekly thread. Why is that?*

Popularity. These shows have so many members that are follow them, it makes sense to have the space to go more in detail.

*Are specials/movies/mini-series okay to talk about?*

Mini-series are fine. In essence, they're just very short completed series. Specials and movies (providing that they relate to a Keytus TV show, like Firefly’s Serenity spin-off film or the Dead Like Me Direct-To-DVD movie) will be decided on a case by case basis.

*Do you only watch American shows?*

Not at all! But since the majority of our members are from North America, it has to be a show that most of our members can easily find on DVD, streaming sites or… umm… *shifty eyes* other methods. And it should be subtitled if it’s in a language other than English.

*Can I just lurk?*

Of course! Most of us have been lurkers at some point or another. But we’re really nice. Please feel free to speak up! Honestly, we hope that you will. It doesn’t have to be anything in depth. It can be something as simple as “Gee, I really loved Danny’s reactions here.” We speak from experience when we say that it’s more fun when you join in the conversation!